Evering Road, Hackney, London, N16 (Hackney Council)

Project Details

The proposals were for a contemporary, new build house to the rear of No.143 Evering Road, Hackney, London. The plot was a corner plot hence allowed the proposed building to have its own frontage on to the street. A mixture of materials comprising zinc and western red cedar timber cladding were incorporated, as well as key eco elements such as the incorporation of a live green wall system and green roof. The house was designed to produce its own solar energy, for sole use of the occupiers. This hidden gem would be an urban retreat located in the heart of the Northwold and Cazenove Conservation area in Hackney, East London.

Why Consider A New Build?

New Builds are an exciting opportunity to start a fresh and observe the entire design process from conception to practical completion. There are several factors which must be considered when designing a new build, particularly the scale, orientation as well as the materiality of the project. All of these factors and many more can be discussed together, with us in your first FREE initial consultation.

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