Tom Bell, Crofton Road, Farnborough, Kent, BR6 (Bromley Council)

Project Details

Forward Architecture were approached to design a new concept for the established Tom Bell fish & chip franchise in Farnborough. The brief was to design a contemporary restaurant serving high end fish and chips and high quality sea food. The menu comprised mains from traditional fish and chips to gourmet lobster. The premises inevitably would serve as not only your chippy, but also a restaurant. The bar area was designed to serve as a meze bar where waiting customers  could have a drink and enjoy starters and nibbles such as tempura prawns and mussels prior to being taken to their tables to enjoy a full seafood extravaganza.

Why Convert?

Converting & re-configuring your home is a great way to enhance what you have without the need to move. By looking at circulation through various spaces and re-configuring areas, we can help create a more flexible home to suit your needs.Our clients wanted a highly desirable flat with high quality design in order to re-market this property. Ultimately, this was achieved.

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