Happy Nest Nursery, Hackney, London, E2 (Hackney Council)

Project Details

Large Expansion to the Front premises of Happy Nest Nursery, located in the heart of Fellows Court Estate, East London, Hackney. The main facade of the building will be rendered white with round windows staggered at different heights. Primarily so that smaller nursery children are also able to observe out of the fixed windows located in the lower positions as well as bringing a playful factor to the overall design. The Nursery Logo has been incorporated to the main entrance via the pitched roof and choice of colours for the extension.

Why Extend?

Extending your property whether it be residential or commercial is a great way to enhance what you have without the need to move. By re-configuring spaces and circulation, we can help create a more flexible home/workplace to suit your growing needs.Nursery places at Happy Nest are in very high demand and they require further amenities and facilities to be able to expand their growing business.

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